Social Events

The Social Events metric monitors events on your social mediastreams such as likes, reposts, and mentions to help you nurture engagements and grow your audience. To effectively measure the value of social events, you need to define which social platforms are important to your marketing efforts and which types of engagements are valuable.

Each social platform has its own unique brand of interactions: Twitter has favourites, retweets, and mentions; Facebook has Likes and shares; Google+ has +1's and mentions. Each type of interaction differs in significance from a marketing perspective. For instance, one could argue that a favorited Tweet is less valuable than a retweeted Tweet because a favourite only signals agreement with the message, whereas a retweet rebroadcasts the information to a new audience increasing the reach of the original message.

Social Events Services:

  • Wedding planner
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Anniversary Celebration
  • Private Parties
  • Cultural Celebrations

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